New Studio

We are pleased to announce the official opening of The F Stop, the newest addition to Chris Litwin Photography, Inc.


A Subsidiary of Chris Litwin Photography Inc.


The Drain

We had the pleasure of working on a project recently that gave us the opportunity to work with the Phantom camera. The client wanted to capture water going down a drain and gave us the creative freedom to have some fun.

New Video: Handcrafted Artisan Pizza

After all of the planning, shooting, and editing, we’re thrilled to share the latest work from Chris Litwin Photography.  As a director, Chris uses his photography and lighting expertise to create a mouth-watering adventure in his kitchen to showcase this delicious handcrafted pizza.

Bottle Collision

We recently came up with the idea of shooting two bottles at the moment of collision in mid air. Originally, the plan was to simply swing them into place via two strings hanging from the ceiling. After more thought, however, we decided that the shot would be more interesting if they were shooting head to head. Thus began the process of making two large “bottle cannons” and a containment octagon to shoot it in. When Broncolor heard what we were doing, they sent over a videographer to document the process. Here is the video of it all coming together…

Bottle Collision from Chris Litwin on Vimeo.

Land O’Lakes

Here are some behind the scene shots from our Land O’Lakes shoot this past week with Schafer Condon Carter. There was cheese flying through the air, mountains of butter and noodles galore – this shoot had it all! .

Fresh Work

Here are a couple of photos from the new studio. We’ve been having fun and getting great shots with the huge daylight windows. These colors are light and remind me of spring time; feels like it’s just around the corner!

New Studio!!!

Here’s a shot of our new home/studio. It’s not completely finished yet but it’s come along far enough to show to the world. While the new space is only 1.5 miles from our last studio it is a huge difference that we are excited to announce. 4000sq/ft with a full commercial kitchen, 13′ ceilings, and two 45′ window bays that fill the space with natural daylight all day. If you’re in the area, please feel free to stop by and check it out.