Each summer Chris spends a week volunteering at One Step at a Time camp for children with cancer. Beyond cooking out, playing sports and having a typical camp experience he also teaches photography and helps the kids compile a book that is printed by Apple. If you would like to become involved or donate to Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. please click here.


I have finally added video to my website. The subject is based on an earlier still image that I did that I decided would be fun to revisit with motion. Please feel free to take a look and leave any comments that you might have.

Izze from Chris Litwin on Vimeo.

Studio Remodel

We are in the process of remodeling the studio… The front shooting area has been opened up by removing the kitchen wall to add an island/styling station. We’ve also removed the walls in the back of the studio creating a new large client area with plenty of room for meetings and relaxing during shoots. The challenge will be finishing before our next shoot.

Studio Demolition from Chris Litwin on Vimeo.